Creating Art is the Passion and Joy of My Life!


I enjoy capturing the beauty of nature, especially while working out doors (EN PLAIN AIR) with acrylics. Frequently, my pieces are accented with collage materials because I love creating textured compositions in my art work. As an artist, my paintings reflect this love of the “sculptures” in nature. The juxtaposition of the smooth skies, sandy landscape, and gently, rolling hills are in contrast to the textures of the rocks, mountains, craters and glaciers, which conveys the beauty of a monumental scene. These images compose the main body of my recent works. I find unique emotional expression in the powerful landscapes and sweeping vistas, and through my work I try to capture those same emotions.


My textured paintings are built up using a variety of acrylic media and collage materials (especially found where the painting occurs) that make my paintings three dimensional. I STRONGLY believe a painting should resemble sculpture even on a flat surface. So much of the world is not just what we see, but what we touch. My viewers are encouraged to come up and touch my artwork. Art that is both tactile and visual leaves people with a very original experience, and one I hope they find as profoundly inspiring as the real landscapes.

I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. While working on my bachelors, I earned art credits equivalent to a second major, and have continued with many graduate painting/drawing classes from Northern Illinois University, in DeKalb, IL. I also obtained a degree from Triton College in Therapeutic Recreation; I believe in bringing art to everyone. For the last few years, I have studied out door painting at a number of locations. My often repeated favorites are the southwestern part of the United States and in Canada. I love to teach drawing and pallet knife painting in the Adult Education Department for school district 211 and many other educational programs.

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"The Rock"

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"Beautiful Rock Formation"

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"Dynamic 3D Rock Scene"

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"Survival of the Tree"

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"Beautiful Sunset in Utah"

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"Gorgeous Supersticious Mountain"